Consult with Anamaya

The practitioners at Anamaya Health Solutions are a collective of highly skilled and dedicated therapists. We all share a common goal… to care for our clients to the highest professional standard. As a group, we enjoy the benefits of sharing our knowledge base, cross referring, and encouraging each other to grow and prosper.

Anamaya practitioners take their business seriously and see each other as wonderful allies. Friendships are formed and collaborative professional unions develop, often lasting years if not entire careers.

Our members run their practice with the support of the Anamaya management team. Our reception staff and management have extensive experience in allied health and medical practice management. A great practitioner is an incredible practitioner with the right admin support and advice. We are equally passionate and dedicated to our practitioners and their clients.

Adding a new practitioner to our group is careful exercise. We consider all parties including the new practitioner, current therapists, colleagues, clients and staff. With a harmonious and nurturing environment as well as professional admin and marketing support, we believe Anamaya Health Solutions offers the best practice environment in Melbourne.

Our rooms are inviting, unique and well furnished. Each room includes air-conditioning and heating, treatment bed, work desk and towels. Most rooms have comfy consult chairs.

Anamaya consulting room opportunities are offered on a sessional or daily basis.

Off-site support – ask us about our off-site practitioner support.

For enquiries, call Anamaya Health Solutions on 9347 0020 or email


169 Grattan Street, Carlton

03 9347 0020