Bei Yin

Bei Yin’s understanding of the body and of the transformations that Rolfing can have on one’s wellbeing is deeply influenced by her personal experiences.

Bei’s former professional life in corporate law, policy and business strategy came to a standstill when her chronic back and neck pain became debilitating. After more than a decade of exploring and being dependent on conventional and alternative therapies for pain relief, Bei found her way back to health after discovering Rolfing and combining this with strength training.

Rolfing brought major shifts in Bei’s physical structure that completely freed her of chronic pain. Inhabiting a more aligned body also gave Bei a stronger sense of self and opened her to new perspectives on life. The profound changes prompted Bei to journey around the world to learn from the best Rolfing practitioners and to become a personal trainer. Bei completed her Rolfing qualifications with the Guild for Structural Integration in the USA.

After practicing in North America, the Caribbean and the Middle East, Bei recently returned home to Melbourne to set up practice.

Bei has helped clients address a wide range of issues through Rolfing, including:

  • Chronic pain
  • Repeated overuse injuries
  • Depression, anxiety and trauma such as PTSD
  • Pre-surgery preparation and post surgery recovery
  • Post-natal recovery
  • Inefficient structures in the body such as bowed legs, knocked knees, rotations in the hips, high arches, flat feet.

Location: 169 Grattan Street, Carlton

Availability: Saturday

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