Kate Smyth

Kate Smyth is a clinical Naturopath with a keen interest in helping sporting enthusiasts of all abilities and ages.

Kate has a thorough understanding and appreciation of the unique needs of the athlete and the challenges faced during training, competition and recovery phases. Kate’s involvement in sport extends over many decades and a variety of team and individual pursuits.

Kate developed her passion for natural medicine during her career as an elite endurance athlete competing in the women’s marathon (42.2km) for Australia at the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Kate is one of Australia’s all-time fastest women over the marathon and through her own positive experiences of naturopathy overcame injury and illness to progress from fun runner to Olympian in eight years.

She provides a comprehensive and integrated health care approach which considers the interrelationship between all systems in the body. She places emphasis on identifying the underlying cause of ill health or performance issues by drawing on the latest scientific research, examinations, pathology tests, and investigations under a clinical naturopathic framework.

This process allows patients to understand how their unique genetic make-up, lifestyle, sporting demands, and health history have impacted on their current health status or sports performance and what is required to overcome the challenges they currently face.

Some of the more common issues Kate addresses include fatigue, anaemia, weight management, chronic injuries, poor recovery, anxiety and stress, insomnia, hormonal issues, infertility, immune and digestive complaints. Her nutritional advice is tailored to meet the demands of training, competition, recovery, or specific needs for illness prevention and overall health.

She holds the highest Naturopathic qualification available in Australia (Bachelor of Health Science- Naturopathy), is registered with the National Herbalists Association of Australia and is an accredited athletics coach, experienced guest speaker and mentor to aspiring athletes.

Although now retired from serious competition, Kate still loves regular exercise, community involvement, animal therapy and cooking up a storm in her kitchen.

It makes her heart sing to be part of a profession that helps others obtain the best version of themselves possible.


Location: 169 Grattan Street, Carlton

Friday 4.30pm – 8.00pm
Saturday 10.00am – 2.00pm

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