Michael Harvey

Pedorthist Michael Harvey is the owner of AFK Clinic. Michael originally completed a two year understudy in theory and clinical assessment with Michael Glogowski Cped USA, Cped Canada and continued his training at North Western University, at the Feinberg School of Medicine, in Chicago, USA. He is only one of two Australians to complete the course at North Western University.

Michael is trained to world highest standard in clinical assessment and has over 6000 clients in Australia. He is extremely particular when assessing and identifying of the cause of a client’s problem. Approximately 60% of his work is correcting patients who have already had orthotic and treatment by other practitioners.

Michael has trained with Pedorthists, Podiatrists and in consultation with other health professionals including Chiropractors, Rheumatologist and Surgeons. He endeavours to lead the field with research and development.

In 99% of cases, orthotics are made on the spot, whilst you wait. Michael rarely takes a mould. He prefers to use your limb as the template as he manufactures the custom made orthotic.

A Pedorthist is an allied health professional and clinician. The role of a Pedorthist is to assess, design, manufacture, fit and supply an appropriate foot orthosis or medical grade footwear to suit the patient’s needs.

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Location: 169 Grattan Street, Carlton

Phone: 9347 0020

Availability: By appointment only. For availability, please contact reception.

Medicare & Health Insurance

Michael has agreements with many health insurance companies in Australia. The majority of clients should be able to claim at the completion of the manufacture of your custom made orthotic. We strongly recommend you confirm your eligibility to claim with your insurer.

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