Body Centred Trauma Release

What is Body Centred Trauma Release?

This body-centred work combines hands-on healing with remedial myofascial massage to gently release cellular memory, embedded trauma and even grief (specialising in sexual abuse trauma).

Old and persistent physical injuries can also be resolved using Ursula’s intuitive myofascial technique (sometimes combined with Bowen). Gently unwinding the pathways that led to the current state in your body, it is both more thorough and less painful than other remedial techniques. Gentle enough even for very painful conditions, and highly effective! Past clients with cancer, MS, disc bulges, frozen shoulder and fibromyalgia have all felt significant relief from Ursula’s work.

Many who suffer childhood trauma develop serious illness later in life, experiencing constant physical pain, restricted movement and low energy. When we gently release what is stored in the body, a greater sense of lightness and ease is felt. The nervous system is calmed, muscles and joints are loosened, sleep comes easier and anxiety is lessened. Much of the load on the body can be released under Ursula’s surprisingly powerful, gentle touch, at the pace required by the client to feel safe. A great complement to traditional Counselling and Psychology, particularly when sessions stall because the stories are too distressing to re-live, or the memories are blocked. Studies reveal that the release of trauma often requires work with both the body and the mind. This work combines very well with the talking therapies.

Combining training in remedial massage, Bowen, energy healing, analytical counselling and coaching, Ursula has developed her unique skills to be able to access body, mind, emotion and spirit. She holds a calm, safe space for clients to release the grip of past pain.

Ursula has also trained with Dane Tomas as an advanced clearing practitioner, and is able to facilitate The Spiral and other processes which clear unconscious patterns and emotional blocks.

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Initial appointment: $210 (90min)
60 min appointment: $150
90 min appointment: $210
120 min appointment: $260

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