Clinical Psychology

What is a Clinical Psychologist

Clinical psychologists are highly qualified clinicians with specialist training in the psychological assessment and treatment of mental health concerns.

Clinical psychologists used evidenced based therapeutic techniques to treat a wide range of mental health concerns that range from mild symptoms to severe and complex presentations.

Learning healthy ways of sitting with distress

Gaining an awareness of the common triggers of distress and understanding the warning signs (that is the feelings, thought, physical sensations and behavioural urges or actions) that signal that we are experiencing distress.  Once you become aware of your triggers and warning signs you are in a better position to apply helpful coping strategies. This process also involves a commitment to dropping escape methods (situational avoidance, reassurance seeking or checking, distraction and suppression, self-medicating with alcohol or drugs, binge eating, disengaging and isolating self, etc.) that are usually automatic habits applied when we become distressed.

Schema therapy is a powerful treatment approach that allows people to identify psychological defences and self-defeating patterns that begin early in life.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy provides coping skills to challenge problematic cognitions (thoughts) and behaviours that can amplify distress.

Learning to be mindful of your emotions in a curious and non-judgmental manner (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) allows clients to change how they pay attention to an emotion and sets the framework for managing distress in a healthy way.

In summary, clinical psychology is a structured research informed learning experience in which clients learn coping skills that promote both positive and sustained growth.

Written by: Dr Kerry Chillemi, Clinical Psychologist.

Costs & Medicare rebates

Medicare rebates are available with a GP referred Mental Health Plan. Please visit your chosen therapist’s bio page for information on fees or rebates. Alternatively, call Anamaya on 9347 0020.

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