Rainbow Community Counselling

What is Rainbow LGBTIQ Counselling?

Whether you’re proud as punch being Rainbow or just starting to discover yourself, talking to a gay counsellor like me can be refreshing as you know you’re not being judged, you can feel safe, and understood.

Counselling involves working with you to know your story, uncover your strengths, develop skills to face life’s challenges, nurture your hope, and to find greater meaning and purpose in life.

You might seek counselling for
  • Questioning your sexuality & coming out
  • Bullying & discrimination
  • Partner problems
  • If you feel stressed-out & overwhelmed
  • If you experienced a life-threatening event
  • When you’re grieving, or someone close to you has died
  • Any other challenge you might be facing…

Counselling initial consult 50 mins ~ $180
Counselling review consult 50 mins ~ $180

You do not need a referral to see Dr. James Lucas, however Medicare rebates are available for up to ten sessions per year with a valid GP referral and Mental Health Treatment Plan under the Better Access to Mental Health program.

Other Programs
  • Access to Allied Psychological Services (see your GP for a referral)
  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (currently applying for provider status – stay tuned!)
  • Victims Assistance Program (currently applying for provider status – stay tuned!)
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To make your appointment with Dr James Lucas, call Anamaya on 9347 0020.

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