Reiki – Life Force Healing

Healing can take place on many levels. Emotional healing balances your mind. Physical healing balances your body. Spiritual healing balances your soul.

When you are in disharmony, you start to feel not quite yourself. You suffer the effects of stress a little more than usual, and you may feel anxious or overwhelmed. Some fall ill, and others keep going.

A gentle dose of reiki with Katie Wong may help you find clarity and start the healing process.

Reiki is energy of pure love

Reiki is universal life force energy. It is energy that sustains life. This energy is also recognised as qi or chi, prana, mana or vital energy.

Reiki is a holistic healing modality that taps into this energy source to help support you in all that you do. It is complementary to other medical or natural treatments. It is intuitive and knows what it is you need most. Reiki removes blockages in your energy field, which in turn activates your body’s innate ability to heal itself.

A reiki healing can help you:

  • feel calmer
  • have more energy
  • gain clarity
  • overcome limiting beliefs
  • feel more confident
  • feel greater love and compassion
  • understand yourself better
  • smile more

You do not need to feel unwell to receive a reiki healing. Reiki also promotes general well-being and self-growth.

You are so kind and compassionate and that is the key ingredient with any healing
Your reiki healing session

After an initial consultation where we discuss where you are at, and what you desire to feel, you will move to the massage table. Here you will be able to surrender completely. I will channel and transfer reiki by the gentle placement of hands on or near your chakra energy centres. Working with your higher intelligence, reiki intuitively releases energy blocks and outgrown thought patterns, so you can create change. Crystals, essential oils, flower essences and oracle cards may also be used to enhance your healing, as intuitively guided.

Reiki leaves you with a deep sense of relaxation, giving you a greater sense of inner peace, serenity and clarity.

Learning reiki

Learning reiki is not just about learning a healing modality. Everyone benefits from having reiki in their lives, whether you intend to work as a practitioner or not. To learn reiki is to learn how to tap into this energy for healing, for growth, for unconditional love.

Reiki is shared and taught in the spirit of love and gratitude.

There are 3 levels of reiki, and you become more open and fine tuned to the energy at each stage. You are guided to create your own connection with this ancient, sacred practice.

Reiki Level 1

Learning reiki is more than learning a healing modality, it is an ancient practice that facilities self growth. Reiki brings a deeper level of love and compassion into your life.

After the level 1 course, students naturally feel calmer and less anxious, more positive and optimistic, and have a greater understanding of themselves and others.

You learn to heal yourself, your family and friends. You activate your own innate healing powers, and begin to open and expand your heart.

Begin your journey with reiki master-teacher Katie Wong.

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Reiki $130 per session (60min)

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